Adventure Travel: From the Depths of the Sea to the Edges of Space

Adventure Travel: From the Depths of the Sea to the Edges of Space

Adventure travel takes you out of your comfort zone, provides opportunities for personal growth, and involves a remarkable experience unlike any you have ever known which could include skydiving, river rafting, mountain climbing, trekking, heli-skiing, dog sledding, cycling, or sailing. For the truly adventurous, like you, it involves even greater extremes like deep sea exploration or space travel. Yes, we collaborate with partners that take you to the depths of the ocean or the edges of space. Which way would you like to go?

The Depths of the Ocean

Explore the underwater realm often considered the last great frontier on Earth. More than 80 percent of the depths of the ocean remain unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. We have expedition partners that take intrepid adventurers to the depths of the ocean (between 400-1000 feet below the surface) in custom-built submersibles to see places firsthand that few have ever seen before. The deeper you explore beneath the ocean’s surface, the more unique the scenery becomes, and the more secrets the sea reveals, from incredible sunken shipwrecks to stunning coral reefs to unique marine wildlife and behaviors normally hidden from human view.

Comfortably cocooned inside the submersible, you will slowly descend beneath the surface observing the water change from brilliant blue to inky black. The pilot flips on the high-powered exterior lights revealing the wonders of the ocean floor. You cannot help but feel like a legendary explorer since you could be the first human to ever lay eyes on that section of the sea. The submersible experience leaves you with a jaw-dropping perspective on the world and creates stories to last a lifetime.

The custom-built sub can carry up to six guests plus the highly trained pilot. They offer undisturbed and undistorted views in all directions bringing you face-to-face with the wonders beneath the surface. One partner has outfitted their subs for your ultimate comfort – leather upholstery, a Bluetooth stereo system, air conditioning, a champagne chiller, a high-tech 4k underwater video camera system to capture your underwater experience, and an internal video recording system to capture your reactions to what you see.

View from inside Viking submersible by Sarah Kuta

Do you want to cruise in submersibles past vivid reef walls and amazing underwater life in the Arctic, Antarctica, the Caribbean, or the Galapagos? Contact us and we will match you with the perfect partner to elevate your expedition experience by exploring the last great frontier on Earth – the depths of the ocean.

Rendering of Seabourn submersible

Arctic marine life by Alexander Semenov

The Edges of Space

Become a Space Explorer, without rockets or g-forces. Enjoy adventure, higher purpose, and new perspectives in a reimagined spaceflight experience. Our partner’s zero-emissions spacecraft is re-writing the engineering playbook. Propelled by a SpaceBalloon™, the capsule ascends into space on a gentle yet exhilarating journey. Your voyage is safe and comfortable, with minimal physical requirements and is as simple as boarding an airplane. The accessibility of this spaceship opens space travel.

The SpaceBalloon™ is the size of a football field. It gently flies the capsule for ascent and descent. It is proven technology that NASA and government agencies around the world have used for decades. The pressurized, roomy capsule allows you to experience the majesty of gliding through space. You will be able to see about 450 miles in all directions. The capsule is spacious enough for you to get up and move around, soak in the changing views, and even enjoy a drink at the bar. Livestream to those on Earth via onboard Wi-Fi. Plus, interior and exterior cameras will capture the entire experience.

Astronauts say that the multifaceted, transformative experience of seeing Earth and the blue line of our atmosphere from space is stunningly beautiful, deeply compelling, and profoundly moving. . It is thrilling to have friends and family participate in realizing your childhood dream or sharing the trip of a lifetime. Reserve an entire capsule for eight and fly to space with the people most important to you. Celebrating others and our relationships never had a more exciting backdrop than space.

Call us to schedule your spaceflight. Join the community of Space Explorers to meet, mix, and imagine; to share in the awe; and to create genuine and lifelong connections.