Japan: A Country of Timeless Traditions and Dynamic Trends

Japan is open to travelers! We work with carefully vetted travel partners who have the contacts and experience to offer the very best of Japan spanning from timeless traditions to modern, dynamic trends.  Japan is a country of captivating beauty, exciting adventures, and rejuvenating spas. It is a country of impressive art forms in architecture, design, fashion, food and theater.  Japan has something for everybody:

Action/Adventure: Be thrilled by high-speed rollercoasters, mountain climbing, skiing/snowboarding, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling/diving and more

Art/Design:  Ponder the ancient, avant-garde, and everything in between in contemporary art, ancient history, theater, performing arts, architectural delights and more.

Culinary:  Japanese food is an art form — washoku (sushi, somen, tempura) or yoshoku (Japanese versions of western dishes). Plus, there’s local sake, sweet potato shochu, craft gins, micro-brews and acclaimed whiskies.

History/Culture: Immerse yourself in ancient shrines and temples, World Heritage sites and villages, the trendy streets of Harajuku, a friendly izakaya, a lively festival and more.

Nature: The greener side of Japan spans national parks, lakes, rivers, gardens, caves, beaches/islands, volcanoes, mountains and more.

Well-being: Soak in the steaming hot waters of a classic Japanese onsen. Mediate in a Zen Buddhist temple.  Discover your fortune (omikuji) at a temple or shrine.

Note:  As of October 11, 2022, Japan is open to travelers with a valid vaccination certificate OR a COVID-19 negative test certificate.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a list of countries that are coded by color for entry requirements.  For up-to-date information, click here.