The Kimberley:
Waterfalls, Wildlife, Aboriginal Culture, Red Rocks, Crystal Clear Water

Embark on a legendary Seabourn Expedition to The Kimberley located in the most northwestern corner of Australia. A region with a distinct dry season and a dramatic wet season, it is home to natural phenomena unlike anywhere else in the world. Horizontal waterfalls, pockets of rainforests, pools of freshwater, chasms and canyons carved into vibrant red rock, and so much more. There is enough adventure in this untamed land to keep even the most discerning explorer filled with awe.

The bays and inlets of The Kimberley are home to countless species of wildlife and some of the clearest waters known to man. Go deeper into this untouched location to find islands populated with thousands of birds, waterfalls that reach dizzying heights, coral reefs full of sharks and dugongs, and rivers rich with crocodiles. Whether you embark on one of our Zodiacs or wish to witness this vast coastline from the comfort of your balcony, you will encounter new sites and glorious vistas at every turn.

Experience the culture of The Kimberley by visiting towns like Broome and Wyndham, where the local hospitality and culture will delight and inspire you. A rich plethora of cave art and artifacts from the Aboriginal people who have called this place home for thousands of years are yours to explore. These ancient pictographs are upwards of 40,000 years old, untouched by the ravages of time, telling us the stories and memories of those who came long before.

The Kimberley has something for everyone, whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a natural history buff, or someone seeking an adventure in one of the wildest places on Earth.

The Magic is Still Alive – The Kimberley

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King George River, Western Australia, Australia

Explore the rugged coastline of King George River whose waterfalls are on full display as we sail through the home of the King George Falls. This channel of red rock cliffs with verdant tops of vegetation are quintessential Kimberley, becoming the backdrop for lifelong memories. You will want your cameras for this one. Bringing you to these places on zodiacs, hikes, kayaks, and submersibles are only a few ways we create lifelong memories. Devote a full day to exploring this coastline then enjoy the warm welcome and luxurious amenities on our purposefully built expedition ship. Relax, reminisce, and re-charge for the next day’s thrills.

Did You Know:

Seabourn’s luxury expedition ships explore the most coveted locations on earth in elegance and ease. Come join us during the 2024 season as we explore The Kimberley with our newest expedition ship, Seabourn Pursuit, designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards. It carries two custom-built submarines, twenty-four Zodiacs, kayaks, and twenty-four expedition experts enabling you to engage in up-close wildlife encounters, off-the-beaten path excursions, and enriching cultural experiences. A fully inclusive “yacht” like experience, Seabourn Pursuit blends state-of-the art capability with world class service and luxury.