The Dream of a Safari Adventure

The Dream of a Safari Adventure

The sweeping savannahs. The wide-open skies. The precious watering holes. The cawing of birds. The trumpeting of elephants. The roar of lions. The bark of hyenas. The chuffing of hippos. The thundering hooves of zebras, antelopes, and wildebeest. The luminous eyes of leopards. The graceful lumbering of giraffes. The intimidating mass of gorillas. The crackling fire. This is a safari. It combines adventure, danger, wilderness, animals, and exotic cultures. Is an African safari on your top ten list of dream travel experiences? Here are a few questions to ponder before we plan your safari:

What Type(s) of Safari?
Yes, there are more options than you may have imagined:  

  • Guided game safari in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Walking safari
  • Aerial safari
  • Water safari by canoe or boat
  • Horseback safari
  • Mountain bike safari
  • Primate safari
  • Mobile camp safari
  • Photographic safari
  • Hideout safari

What Type of Accommodations?

  • Luxury-tented camp
  • Luxury game lodge
  • Grand mobile camp

Duba Plains Camp, Botswana

Mara Plains Camp, Kenya

Mara Plains Camp, Kenya

Mateya Safari Lodge

Which Destination(s)?
Many factors influence this decision:  

  • Traveling companions
  • Physical restrictions
  • Must see and dos
  • Time of year
  • Number of days for safari
  • Number of days for other pursuits
  • The optimal mix of adventure and relaxation

If/how to customize your experience:

  • Private game viewing
  • Victoria Falls
  • Cruise the Zambezi River
  • Penguins on Cape Peninsula
  • Cape Town and Table Mountain
  • Gourmet food and wine
  • Local culture
  • Shark dive
  • Local artisans
  • Or…

Let’s work together to make your African safari dream vacation an unforgettable reality.