Wellness Travel: Renew, Revitalize, Restore

Travel connects you to new places, new people, new experiences. Wellness travel connects you to a new you. It recharges the body, calms the mind, and nourishes the spirit. It is where you seek transformation, to return home feeling more alive than when you left. Wellness travel blends awe-inspiring destinations, restorative activities, cultural immersion, and healthy foods. It can be your entire focus or simply a part of your travel experience.

Our partners offer a variety of wellness experiences all over the world from Bhutan to Bali to Costa Rica to Nepal to Sri Lanka to the U.S. We’ve highlighted just a few. Let’s work together to find your Shangri-La…

Miraval Resorts & Spas — Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts

Their mission of creating life in balance through mindfulness has been guiding individuals for over 25 years. A global leader for wellness destinations, these resorts and spas offer innovative experiences and intentional journeys for you to consciously explore the connection of body, mind, and spirit; to embrace the present moment and make wellness a way of life. Their core is mindfulness, and their motto “life is better when in balance” guides each visit. Activities include spa, fitness, meditation, yoga, wellbeing, equine experiences, culinary classes, creative expression, challenge courses, hiking, biking, spiritual exploration, and more.

Miraval in Arizona

Miraval in the Berkshires

Miraval in Texas


Ventours (DMC) – The Journey East: Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka

For over thirty years, Ventours has used their passion for travel to help you uncover, explore, and experience the many facets of Eastern cultures with all their complexities, contradictions, and charm. We’ve highlighted three countries to pique your curiosity:

Mythical, Mystical, Mysterious: Bhutan is known as the last Buddhist Kingdom with an array of awe-inspiring monasteries, hidden villages, walking trails, and more. Everest, Enlightenment, Enchantment: Nepal’s jungle plains, Himalayan peaks, rolling grasslands, small villages, and monasteries are steeped in a blend of tradition and spirituality. History, Spirituality, Natural Wonders: Sri Lanka’s history dates back over 2500 years. Ancient ruins and recumbent Buddhas from the first century BCE inspire exploration.

Sri Lanka


G Adventures: Uncover your Spiritual Side: Bali, Costa Rica, Iceland

From daily yoga practices to traditional Balinese healing ceremonies to stops at serene beaches, Bali’s natural calming spirit lures people seeking a deeper connection to themselves and their surroundings. Costa Rica offers a world of wellness with yoga sessions overlooking the Arenal Volcano, hiking, meditation, thermal hot springs, therapeutic mud baths, and more. The otherworldly landscapes of Iceland are equal parts rugged and tranquil. The country’s beauty offers the perfect sanctuary from daily distractions with hiking, iconic natural wonders, black sand beaches, and world famous thermal hot springs.


Costa Rica