Off the Tourist Trail in the Mediterranean

One of the reasons that the Mediterranean lures travelers back is the possibility of the hidden secrets just around the corner. It’s the magic of discovering an enchanting new place, an off-the-beaten-path village, or a town that’s a bit less-traveled. So often these less-trodden places provide unexpected and special ways to connect with locals and immerse yourself in their culture.

Did You Know…

Rovinj, Croatia

It’s easy to discover the charms of Rovinj on foot – the Old Town is brimming with historical buildings in gothic, Renaissance, and baroque styles all linked by narrow cobbled streets. Head to Grisia Street, a bustling pedestrian street lined with limestone buildings where you can shop for coral jewelry, handicrafts, leather goods, and Teranino, a favorite Istrian red wine liqueur.

Alberobello, Italy

Explore this hillside town located in the southern Italian region of Puglia. Alberobello’s top treasures are architectural in nature, featuring a marvelous collection of conical-shaped, mortarless, whitewashed limestone buildings known as trulli. These well-preserved structures, dating to the mid-14th century, are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Samos, Greece

In the Eastern Aegean, Samos is covered in lush pine forests and craggy mountains, caves, and waterfalls. It is lined with gorgeous beaches and impressive relics of antiquity. Its historical and archaeological ties include the town of Pythagoreio (birthplace of the famous philosopher-mathematician Pythagoras and legendary writer Aesop), the Tunnel of Eupalinos (a major feat of ancient engineering), and more.

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