Essential Gear for Wine Travel

A wine-tasting trip presents the opportunity to experience several of the best aspects of any vacation, all crushed up and mixed into one smooth, intoxicating blend. Whether you’re traversing Italy, California or anywhere that grapevines grow, you can reasonably anticipate certain things on a wine trip — fresh air, warm sun, and, of course, many glasses (or bottles) of wine. But to really make the most of your vacation, here are a few essential items for the savvy traveler.

Wine Luggage

It would be tragic to find the wine of your dreams only to realize that you have no means of transporting a bottle or two home with you. Luckily, this can be avoided with one of these FAA-compliant wine suitcases.



A wine-tasting trip is about more than just the beverage itself. It’s an opportunity to spend time in some of the most scenic countryside anywhere in the world. To get a better view, a pair of durable and compact binoculars can go a long way.


Wine Tasting Pocket Journal

Even a casual wine connoisseur knows that not all wines are alike. Some prefer the robust and tannin-heavy reds, while others choose to lounge with a crisp, clear glass of sauvignon blanc. Whatever your preference, this handy wine journal is an easy way to keep track of your favorites.



A getaway centered on wine can quickly turn from joy to misery if travelers aren’t careful to drink responsibly and stay hydrated. Make sure you have enough water on hand with a strong, stylish thermos like this Hydro Flask.


TSA-Compliant Bottle Opener

Don’t be the unfortunate vacationer who gets back to your hotel room with a premium bottle of wine only to realize that you don’t have any way to get it open. This convenient, TSA-compliant corkscrew bottle opener will help you avoid any such troubles.


Label Remover

Want to save the label on your favorite wine bottle without destroying it? Or, maybe labels just annoy you. It’s your beverage, enjoy it as you like and spare your fingernails with a handy label remover.


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