Nexion Travel Group is thrilled to bring you this integrated, digital and print, business-to-consumer marketing campaign focused on Trips of a Lifetime.

More than 20,000 printed editions of Escape magazine will be arriving in consumer homes on or near Friday, September 15.

If you didn’t have a chance to participate in this portion of the campaign (through the Engagement marketing program), you can STILL PARTICIPATE in the digital components of the campaign. These are available to ALL Nexion Travel Group members!

Below are the digital components that are FREE for you to use and take advantage of:






When linking these digital components (banners, email, social posts) to the digital version of Escape magazine, please use the following URL:

To make things easier for you, we’ve created the attached handy marketing calendar and talking points  for you to use as a guide in your marketing efforts to make the most of this campaign.

We also recommend taking some time during the next few weeks to make outbound phone calls to your high-opportunity clients, which has proven to accelerate sales and increase conversion rates! This is included in the marketing calendar.

Happy Selling Trips of a Lifetime with Nexion Travel Group’s supplier partners! Let’s all take advantage of this unique and innovative marketing campaign and make memories for your clients and put some extra commission in your bank account!