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We Appreciate You, Especially today!

Happy Global Travel Advisor Day May 1, 2024!

As our industry celebrates the professional travel advisor, I wanted to reach out to you to invite you to reach out if you wish to learn more about how you can join Nexion Travel Group-Canada as we continue to build our team of dynamic travel professionals.

Our industry needs new travel advisors, and we at Nexion Travel Group-Canada have been growing our ranks with some of the best advisors in the business, and are thrilled to see that growth continue into this year.  We are also seeing record sales, and we are helping our advisors to build their businesses through our award-winning training, our marketing and lead-generation initiatives, our support and technology, and some of the very best commissions and revenue-sharing programs in the marketplace.

Having started my own career in travel 46 years ago, I also believe that this is the best time ever to join the industry.  As a travel agency owner, you too can start and build your own business and turn your own into an exciting career.

At Nexion Canada, we always try to emphasize that our success is mutual. When you grow, we grow with you. Your prosperity is our prosperity. Hosting is all we do, meaning all our resources are devoted to helping advisors like you grow your business.

If you have interest in exploring the opportunities here at Nexion Travel Group-Canada, please do reach out, and I can help you to determine if this is the right opportunity for you, and how we can help you to build your own travel agency business.  Travel Advisor Day may be the prefect time to start on your own journey!

Mike F. President Nexion Travel Group-Canada

Mike Foster CTC