Celebrating Global Travel Advisor Day

May 3rd is Global Travel Advisor Day, an annual celebration dedicated to you, the professional travel advisor! It is a recognition of your many contributions to the travel industry, and the hard work, dedication, and expertise that you put into all that you do. This day serves as a reminder that advisors like you are essential to the health and success of the industry.

I’m always grateful for the work you do, but this year, the gratitude is immense. Nexion Travel Group has seen record growth this quarter, as more and more people and traveling again and recognizing the value that you bring.

Travel is a complex and multi-faceted industry at the intersection of various other industries and technologies. But at the heart of it all is you, the advisor, connecting the dots and slicing your way through a byzantine maze of processes and protocols that would be overwhelming to someone without your knowledge, skillset, and passion. You give people the gift of new experiences – a service that will always be valuable!

In celebrating our mutual success, I invite you to read more about Global Travel Advisor Day and use some of the tools ASTA has made available to let others know about the exceptional work you are doing!

Jackie President Nexion Travel Group