Welcome to Arabia

An exciting new destination with 7,000 years of history. A country largely unexplored by international leisure visitors. A land rich in culture, heritage, mystique, romance and unparalleled hospitality. A place filled with arid deserts and clear seas, lush valleys and rugged mountains, ancient archaeological sites and modern architecture, striking flavors and haute cuisine.

Saudi Arabia is open to visitors, welcoming modern explorers and the culturally curious, desert trekkers and beach lovers, bold travelers looking for bragging rights.

It’s All Happening. And you have a powerful partnership to make the most of this unique opportunity.


Saudi offers awe-inspiring natural phenomena and exciting, unique ways to explore its diverse terrain, making the destination worthy of a spot on any outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list. Saudi boasts quite an itinerary, from desert and water adventures to camping and hiking through caves and craters.


Saudi culture is as rich as it is diverse. Visit many mosques and traditional markets to experience a rhythm of life that has barely changed over the centuries. Explore the different regions to experience the multicultural variety of foods, lifestyles and customs. And, for a taste of modern Saudi, don’t miss the urban districts and entertainment centers where people meet to shop, dine or just spend time with friends.


Experience a land where the past comes to life. When you explore the ancient ruins and rock-carved tombs of Nabatean Hegra or walk the narrow winding streets of Al-Turaif, surrounded by beautiful Najd architecture, you are opening a doorway into Saudi’s rich and fascinating history. Since the Age of Antiquity, Saudi has held a pivotal position at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Today, there are more than 11,000 archaeological sites throughout the country, telling the story of the civilizations that lived here over the years. Saudi Arabia is proud to be home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

                  • Al Ahsa Oasis
                  • Al-Hijr Archaeological Site (Hegra)
                  • Al-Turaif District in Diriyah
                  • Hima Cultural Area (Najran Province)
                  • Historic Jeddah
                  • Rock art in the Hail region


Traditional Saudi cuisines use fragrant spices and the freshest local ingredients inspired by the trading heritage of the country. The different types of food are largely tied to the terrain, with many traditional dishes reflecting the ancient trade caravans and nomadic lifestyles of desert dwellers. To this day, while dates and aromatic coffee are central to the culture of hospitality, there is a diversity and richness to cuisines across different regions to be explored.