“Always” Tenets for Success from Rachelle Settle
By Faith Kuczaj

While Rachelle Settle is a life-long traveler, she didn’t start her travel agency until 2016.  This former corporate finance executive, Pilates studio owner, Girl Scout troupe leader, single mom, and volunteer travel coordinator for Give Hope Global missions is curious, adventurous, committed, compassionate and detail oriented. All of which are vital to being a successful travel advisor. Whether she’s being a mom, a business owner, a volunteer, or an advocate, Rachelle has found these five tenets have never failed her:

ALWAYS immerse yourself into whatever you’re doing:  Rachelle continuously immerses herself in relevant, available training.  She joined Nexion Travel Group in September 2016 when she began her Travel Leaders of Tomorrow (TLOT) class. After graduating from TLOT in January 2017, she plunged herself into further training including, but not limited to, Essentials, Group Sales Summit, and CoNexion in 2017.

ALWAYS set goals: Rachelle wanted to earn her IATAN card within six months, which means she had to earn $5,000 in commission in that timeframe. Then, she wanted to increase her revenue for the year. She researched which Nexion preferred partners she wanted to work with then took their certification training, attended webinars and in-person training – all to build her confidence in selling/booking their products. In May 2017, she joined a local BNI (Business Network International) group which has been a boon to her business.  Rachelle estimates that 10% of her annual revenue comes from referrals from this single group. She built a Facebook page and Agent Profiler page when she started in 2017 then, in 2019, created her website. All of which increased her visibility and credibility. Yes, she made her goals.

ALWAYS make clients feel special:  Rachelle is an ardent fan of high touch service.

She ALWAYS asks each client “what can I do for you?” Then, she listens because everyone wants to feel seen and heard.  She ALWAYS sends paper documents, insider tips, and a branded gift item related to those tips through the mail. She ALWAYS strives to make each client feel as though they are the most important client that she has, whether they spend $2k or $20k on travel.  Rachelle believes that is why 80% of her business comes from referrals/word-of-mouth.

ALWAYS manage clients’ expectations:  She believes managing expectations is a key part of being a travel advisor. The potential for snafus when you travel is a constant so preparing clients, in advance, on what to do IF something goes awry lessens their anxiety and increases their confidence in, and loyalty to, her. It also helps her clients more fully enjoy their vacation.

Finally, ALWAYS ask for referrals and reviews.  Then shares them via her FB, Agent Profiler, and website pages.

Have her five “ALWAYS” tenets yielded good results? In five years, Rachelle has built a six-figure income doing what she loves. You decide.