Happy New Year! Who’s Ready for Wave Season?

Happy New Year, Nexion Community! It’s that time again, Wave Season is upon us! As the industry gears up for this busy time of year, travel advisors can feel overwhelmed as they find themselves in the midst of such heightened demand. This time period, traditionally spanning from January to March, with its reliable surge in vacation bookings, presents a golden opportunity for advisors to boost sales and increase engagement with clients.

One effective strategy is to utilize enticing promotions and exclusive deals to capture the attention of potential travellers. Nexion offers a variety of these. Early booking incentives can create a sense of urgency, prompting clients to finalize their travel plans sooner. That urgency is warranted too, as suppliers are reporting brisk sales!

Your go-to social media platforms offer a powerful channel to showcase wave season promotions and engage with clients. Now might be a great time to highlight customer testimonials, share some stunning destination images, or run a targeted ad campaign to reach a wider audience.

Personalized customer outreach is also vital during wave season. As I like to say, the first step in growing your customer base is keeping the ones you have. If you’re a savvy advisor who has been leveraging customer data, now may be a good time to send tailored offers to clients who have previously shown interest in specific destinations. This personalized approach can significantly enhance engagement and sales.

As a Nexion member, you also have the opportunity to strengthen your relationships with supplier partners, from cruise lines to hotels and other providers. Negotiating special deals or exclusive offers can give your business a competitive edge during this hectic season.

Make no mistake, with the proper skills and know-how, this season can be a tidal wave that you can ride all the way to record sales. But it’s up to you to put your knowledge and skills to the test!

Mike F. President Nexion Travel Group-Canada