The Joys of Selling Holiday Travel

As the holiday season approaches, savvy travel advisors have a golden opportunity to sprinkle a bit of festive magic into their offerings. Selling holiday-themed travel experiences can be a game-changer, capturing the spirit of the season while giving clients the chance to create new memories and traditions. Here’s why Nexion advisors should consider adding a touch of holiday cheer to their repertoire this year.

As we all know, “the holidays” is a broad term, and that’s a good thing. Unique celebrations around the globe showcase the wide range of holiday festivities that exist. If you’re like me, “the holidays” might elicit memories of spectacular Fall foliage, along with friends, family, and food. But to others, holidays memories might feel quite different.

For younger travelers with kids, holiday travel may be less about nostalgia and more an attempt to create the nostalgic memories of tomorrow (or a decade from now). For older travelers, it may be a chance to reconnect with family members in a cozy setting that brings back memories while still leaving room for new experiences. You know your clients’ interests, where and how they feel most comfortable. That intimate knowledge paired with the wide range of possible holiday destinations is something you can certainly use to your advantage.

Holiday-themed travel opens doors to emotional and culturally rich experiences, and can also just be a more relaxed alternative to traditional celebrations. Appeal to clients looking to create lasting memories with extended family. Suggest multi-generational trips during the holidays, providing opportunities for family members to come together in their preferred destination, free from the stresses of hosting at home.

Beyond the myriad holidays celebrated during this time of year, November and December also represent other things. The end of another year, the promise of a new one, the arrival of winter, and a fleeting chance to pause, reflect, and give thanks. In contemplative times like these, I reflect on one of the main reasons I love travel in the first place: it provides us with some of our most cherished memories. Precisely because it’s a break from the norm, travelling thrills us in the here-and-now and then reminds us later on how great and important it is. Holiday travel memories seem even more special, because they’re associated with the people, places and things that bring us joy.

Mike F. President Nexion Travel Group-Canada