Grow Your Skills + Grow Your Business – Apply Now for Exclusive CTA Scholarships and Join the Nexion CTA Power Study Group

Have you been thinking about growing your skills and building your credentials?

We are guessing your answer is, “Yes!” Then now is the time to enroll in The Travel Institute’s Certified Travel Associate (CTA) program.

This year, The Travel Institute has partnered with Hilton Hotels and Princess Cruises to offer Nexion advisors exclusive CTA scholarships.** The retail cost of the CTA program is $550, but Nexion advisors who receive scholarships pay only $183.50. CTA scholarships are limited in number, so register promptly!

Nexion is also offering an optional CTA Power Study Group to advisors who’ve first enrolled in the CTA program.** The CTA Power Study Group will meet on Mondays from 3-5 pm CST, starting June 27 through August 15. (Note there will be no Study Group on July 4th.) The Study Group is facilitated by Nexion staff and will fully prepare you to pass the CTA test. Participants will also receive an extra test-prep session after August 15th, facilitated by Guida Botelho from The Travel Institute. Cost for the 8-week Study Group and test-prep session is $99.

**Note that CTA scholarships and the CTA Power Study Group are available only for the CTA 10th Edition. If you’ve enrolled in a previous edition of the CTA, you are not eligible to participate in the CTA Study Group.

Steps to enroll:

1. Register for the CTA program online with The Travel Institute at and use the code NEXCTA22 to receive the exclusive scholarship.

2. (Optional) Register for the CTA Power Study Group at

Nexion Town Tips:

The new Nexion Town platform is here and we have some tips for you!

1. Set how frequently you receive email notifications from the groups you belong to.  Go to the group, and click on the drop list (as seen below) to select the frequency.  Bonus tip: To avoid getting an email notification every time a post is made in Ask The Community, select Daily or Weekly Digest.

2. You can Edit or Delete your own posts in Nexion Town. To do so, click on the drop arrow in the top right corner of your post and select either Edit or Delete.

3. Don’t be a ghost! Add your Profile Picture by clicking on the drop arrow next to your name and clicking on My Profile.

Next, click on the Profile picture icon to upload your profile picture.

4. Easily access the groups you belong to by Pinning them.  Click on Groups, then click on the drop arrow next to Active Groups.  Click on My Groups, then click on the push pin icon.

New to myNexion

New reports have been added to myNexion. Advisors can now run the following reports:

  • Booking Analysis Report
  • Departure Reports
  • Marketing Analysis Report
  • Notes Report
  • Reminders Report
  • Reservation Activity Report.

Learn more about these reports by going to Nexion University > AgentMate > Reports Tab.