Taking Advantage of Specialized Booking Platforms

The promise of extraordinary experiences is the cornerstone of our profession. These days, more than ever, discerning travelers seek accommodations that resonate with their individual personalities. This is why it’s important to leverage all the powerful tools at our disposal, like specialized booking platforms available exclusively to travel professionals.

A prime example of this is the upcoming launch of CURATED Hotels & Resorts, an innovative collection of 400 lifestyle properties around the world, crafted with the modern traveler in mind. The CURATED Hotels & Resorts Collection focuses on one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry: lifestyle properties with the personality and style of an independent boutique, coupled with the service and value you’d expect of more mainstream brands. Clients of Nexion advisors will receive $100 credits when staying at participating properties for two or more consecutive nights, as well as room upgrades when available. These are the kinds of perks that give advisors like you a competitive edge.

And that’s what ultimately sets platforms like Curated apart – the advantage they provide to you, the advisor. They open doors to places and experiences that might not be readily available through mainstream booking channels. This gives us a tremendous leg up, allowing us to offer our clients a range of options that go beyond the ordinary. Furthermore, these platforms often come equipped with powerful tools and resources designed to streamline the booking process. They offer detailed information and user-friendly interfaces that help us to make informed recommendations to our clients.

By harnessing these specialized booking platforms, we position ourselves as trusted professionals who are uniquely attuned to the desires of our clients. In doing so, we become more than just logistical aides, but rather, the architects of unforgettable journeys.

Jackie President Nexion Travel Group