Be the most valued, sought after and innovative Host Travel Agency.


Empowering success for our members, industry partners and colleagues.



We are passionate and committed to excellence in all aspects of our operation. We understand the importance of our work and the impact it has on our members, industry partners and colleague relationships.


We employ a talented, knowledgeable, diverse, strategic and innovative team of travel industry leaders who do all in their power to assist each other, our members and industry partners with a positive, professional and approachable attitude.


We will provide and professionally deliver the highest quality education and unwavering support to our members to ensure they have every opportunity to be successful and competitive in the travel marketplace.


As the undisputed leader in travel professional host agencies, we commit to superior satisfaction by providing the highest quality customer service and timely follow-through to our members.


Through courage to do the right thing, we adhere to the highest ethical standards of honesty, transparency and fairness. We aspire to act with conviction and hold ourselves and each other accountable when dealing with conflict by having a respectful and appropriate communication style.