Are you a new travel agent?


You are passionate about travel and ready to carve your own path to becoming an entrepreneur. With Nexion Travel Group, you will have the tools, the relationships and the support to run your own business on your own terms. The best part: you’re never alone with Nexion.

We’ll become your dedicated partner and do everything we can to lead you in the right direction. We’ll be there for you on every step of your journey, introducing you to the top suppliers, bringing you the best offers, teaching you everything you want to know about travel. Whether you’re just looking into how to become a travel agent or have been thinking about it for some time, we’ll make your next step your best step.

Still wondering if you should become a travel agent in the first place? Discover all the benefits of becoming one here!

Women at a conference
Women at a conference

why become a travel agent?

It can be scary anytime you jump into a new career, new industry or new ownership situation, but we make it easier. For passionate travel lovers of all backgrounds, becoming an independent travel agent is a rewarding experience that can become your exciting new career or just a fun, interesting way to earn extra cash.

Here are some great reasons to become an independent travel agent with Nexion Travel Group!

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Share Your Passion

You obviously love to explore this incredible world, to learn about different cultures and discover new flavors and adventures. Travel agents live and breathe travel, learning everything they can and sharing that knowledge with like-minded clients. We can help you turn that passion into a thriving business.

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Show Your Expertise

The best travel agents often focus their expertise on one aspect of travel, such as all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, Alaskan cruises, adventure travel or Disney™. We can help you dive into your specialty, learn all there is to know about it and then market your expertise effectively.

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Be Your Own Boss

Independent travel agents work whenever and wherever they wish. You’re the boss, so if you want to answer emails for a few hours at the local coffee shop, that’s what you do. Nexion gives you the tools so that you can promote your services and sell travel anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

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Join a Great Industry

Everyone in the travel industry — from cruise ship captains and hotel managers to tour directors and CEOs — loves being here. The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest in the world, one that survived the pandemic and will reclaim its top status in the years to come.

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Travel the World

Many travel agents tour the world to gain the experience they need to be true travel experts. Our preferred supplier partners — such as cruise lines, tour operators and hotels — often offer free trips or deep discounts to our members so that they can experience these products firsthand and recommend them to their clients.

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Become a Superhero

Travel agents don’t just make dreams come true (which they totally do); they also step in to handle things with times get rough. When your clients have trouble at a hotel, miss a flight or their cruise gets canceled, you get to put your superhero cape on and save the day. You will never fight these battles alone with Nexion, a powerful ally that is always on your side.

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Love What You Do

How many people do you meet every day who love what they do for a living? Go to a Nexion event, like our international conference or specialty events — and you’ll meet hundreds, if not thousands of travel professionals who love their careers.

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What is a host travel agency?

A Host Travel Agency empowers independent travel agents so that they receive higher commissions, enjoy enhanced supplier relations and can take advantage of marketing and technology tools — all without sacrificing their own identity. We give travel agents the tools, relationships and community support so that they can work where, when and however they want.

Your business, only better

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More Profits

With Nexion, you start earning top-tier commissions on day one with more than 140+ air, cruise, land, hotel, car and insurance preferred supplier partners thanks to the combined sales of all our travel agents. If selling solo, you start on the bottom floor and have to climb the stairs to claim more of the revenue you worked so hard to generate. But if you’re with Nexion, you can ride the elevator straight to top-tier commissions. It’s the difference between earning a $300 commission on a cruise sale with Nexion as opposed to just $175 on your own. Plus, you can earn commission while you learn through our comprehensive new travel agent programs, making it easier for you to get established in this exciting industry.

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More Education

We give you a choice of training programs designed specifically for new travel agents just entering the industry. Our coaching opportunities help you get your business off the ground and running smoothly. From there, you can choose where and when you want to learn more. Our Business Development and Educational programs provide a tailored curriculum and resource tracks designed for you and the type of travel you wish to sell. Or maybe you’d benefit most from our five-day Essentials class, which you can take live or virtually. It’s a great companion class to take following one of our specialized training courses that are designed to help you develop your niche.

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More Tools

We give you the marketing muscle to consistently showcase the latest travel offers along with your value as a travel agent. And our technology solutions help you manage your business and simplify the booking process from anywhere there is internet access. With instant and supported access to multiple booking engines, an info-packed Web portal, air fulfillment packages and powerful online programs, you’ll be ready to conquer the world … even from your favorite coffee shop.

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More Support

Creating valuable relationships is the glue that bonds Nexion together and keeps us strong. With the unwavering support of our fellow members, staff and preferred supplier partners on your side, you’ll have the confidence and the connections to sell travel at your highest possible level. At Nexion, we are all one big community, and we’re constantly helping each other out. As a part of this community, you’ll never feel alone. You can easily tap into the collective expertise of our member community to gain incredible tips and insights. To top it off, we offer a peer-to-peer mentorship programs that’s designed to provide an avenue for members to learn from each other.

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–Donna Schaeffer, Donna Schaeffer LLC

"I love to travel and always enjoyed researching trips for myself and my friends. So, 11 years ago I decided to become
a travel agent but had no clue how to find the right agency. I researched for weeks and even called the Library of
Congress to make sure Nexion was a valid and upstanding company. I have never regretted my decision to join Nexion!
If you have any doubts about joining the Nexion Travel Group, you can put them aside. There is nothing better!"

Rolling green hills

"I love to travel and always enjoyed researching trips for myself and my friends. So, 11 years ago I decided to become a travel agent but had no clue how to find the right agency. I researched for weeks and even called the Library of Congress to make sure Nexion was a valid and upstanding company. I have never regretted my decision to join Nexion! There is nothing better!

–Donna Schaeffer
Donna Schaeffer LLC

Choose the membership plan that works best for you

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NEXstart is perfect if you thrive in a collaborative learning environment that combines independent assignments, instructor-led small group study halls and activities with Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Virtual Campus plus enjoy the benefits of Nexion Travel Group and one-on-one coaching.

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NEXstart Lite is perfect if you have proven success in on-demand learning as you will have with the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Independent Learner program, plus enjoy the benefits of Nexion Travel Group and monthly group coaching.

Veterans in Travel


Are you a veteran or spouse of someone in the U.S. Armed Forces? This program (only valid for new applicants) provides a pathway to entrepreneurship for veterans or active duty spouses by training them to become independent travel agents. For more information, visit