Nexion Fast Facts

Nexion® Travel Group has been the travel industry’s premier full-service host travel agency since 1995. Our success comes from the inspiring group of independent travel professionals we so proudly empower, the passion and experience of our dedicated staff and the industry-influencing strength of our partnership with Internova Travel Group.

Who are we? We are a North American host agency that supports U.S. and Canadian agents, and we provide every resource and tool today’s travel agents need to succeed, from ticketing, operations and fulfillment support to best-in-class tools, technology, marketing and education. No other host agency can match the breadth and quality of our tools and services, period.

Here’s why: Our comprehensive approach is celebrated across the industry, allowing Nexion Travel Group to become the complete host agency for multi-agent agencies, corporate agencies, experienced agents and those new to the industry. In short, we welcome everyone — every skill level, every business mix, every demographic — and we promise to go above and beyond to make your career in travel shine.