How to make more commissions as a travel agent?

How to make more commissions as a travel agent?

Let’s uncover the secrets to making more commissions as a travel agent in 2024. In today’s rapidly evolving travel landscape, adaptability and strategic thinking are key to success. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting out, staying ahead of the curve is essential for boosting your earnings. From leveraging supplier promotions to tapping into emerging travel trends, we’ll explore actionable tips and proven strategies to help you thrive in the competitive world of travel agency.

When it comes to making more commissions for booking travel, in business terms, more profits in your pocket, then here are a couple quick tips. While certainly not exhaustive this represents some of the “low hanging fruit” that can make a difference in your bottom line.


  • As they say in finance, diversify!  If you have found yourself using only one supplier for your clients fun and sun needs start to explore what others offer.  Without sacrificing service there may be another provider that pays an extra 1% or 2% commission overall OR on a specific component of travel.
  • Join a host travel agency! Thanks to the size and strength of Nexion, along with the valuable relationships we have with our industry partners, you can earn the industry’s highest commission levels.
  • Also diversify what you offer WITH that package. Maybe you did not typically offer travel insurance on every booking before but most 3rd party insurance providers pay a much higher commission (when booked online) and they also pay that commission before your client travels. Typically after the 14 day waiting period on pre-existing conditions has ended and the policy is paid in full.
  • You can then possibly add on tours, ground transfers, etc. so that you get the commissions on those extra offerings AND on the additions to the insurance policy because you want to be sure those extras are covered too.
  • When you get to really know your top clients and their travel habits then you will know when it is right to suggest the next level experience for them.  If they have been moving up their cabin category on their favorite cruise line and booking suites then it may be time to look at Luxury level cruises or a river cruise. These are the types of bookings that have commissions with commas!
  • Don’t forget to ask them if they know anyone else who would want to go on this trip with them OR would like to experience travel the same way they do.  These are the classic “Do you want fries with that” and “asking for the referral” questions when it comes to your travel business.


Each of these ideas can have incremental increases for making more travel agent commissions.  Lots of small changes can add up to a lot.  One last thing to remember on this topic; in the chase for more commission be sure to always do what is best for your client.  When you do then that will be remembered and can go a long way toward bigger sales down the road. Learn more by visiting


Martin Mussey,

Nexion Travel Group

Business Development Manager